General Information

The 2nd edition of the Global LiFi Congress® will be held on the 12th & 13th of June 2019 at the Salons Hoche (a prestigious venue located at 9 avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris).

Both scientific and economic leaders will gather to inspire a structured vision of  LiFi’s new technological breakthroughs, which promise to revolutionize connectivity, as it pertains to IoTs (Internet of Things).

The immense possibilities, and potential of LiFi are of equal importance to the economic opportunities it presents.

The Global LiFi Congress® will bring together, in an international event, the numerous players working around this new technology.



►   Conferences / Keynote presentations

The scientific conferences will allow visitors to discover the latest developments in regard to the research, and innovations pertaining to LiFi technologies. The scientific and business roundtable discussions represent an opportunity to exchange viewpoints on the applications of LiFi in a wide variety of domains such as transportation, aeronautics, cybersecurite, and commercial shopping centers.

►   The Trade Show

Companies, both startups and multinational organizations, as well as, professional associations, will exhibit their latest innovations and products.

Come, and discover the definitive solutions which accompany LiFi technologies.  

►   Networking space

The congress has been setup in manner which creates a convivial atmosphere, so as to encourage networking.

A space has been dedicated to allow both professionals, as well as scientists, to exchange their perspective viewpoints, and plans for the future. These more relaxed forums will give you the opportunity to easily meet other future partners, and clients.

►   One to one meetings

On our website you will be able to schedule meetings with other delegates, so as to create exclusive connections with them.