Why visit?

The possibilities, and potential of LiFi are immense.

The Global LiFi Congress® is an international event, which will bring together the major players involved in this new technology.

The Global LiFi Congress® will enable you to learn about the latest technological advances concerning LiFi, and its evolution over the years to come (short, medium and long term):

►   How LiFi is able to enhance my innovation strategy?

►   How can LiFi give me a competitive edge?

The main companies and players in LiFi will be present at this event.

►   Many influencers, and researchers will also be present

►   The LiFi international scientific committee

►   Start-ups, and world leaders in LiFi technology research

►   The large manufacturers who are already massively investing in LiFi

The Global LiFi Congress® is therefore the perfect place for you to meet LiFi's key players,
and create synergies between your different activities. You will also find new partners for your economic interests, and inspiration for your innovation strategies.

►   Be a major player in this LiFi event

►   Discover the latest innovations in LiFi Technology

►   Test and experience the latest products in real-life scenarios

►   Network with new customers, suppliers, and business partners

►   Get an expert advice on specific LiFi technology

►   Stay on top of the latest innovations, and emerging trends

►   Listen to relevant conferences by both LiFi leaders, and stakeholders