Terms and conditions

1. Definitions


1.1. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® is an international congress organized by ERI - LIFI EVENT® registered office in France, 19 rue du 4 septembre 75002 Paris – France.

1.2. Registrant: each legal entity, as well as any person for and on behalf of whom a registration for an Event is submitted trough the online registration form.

The Registrant is the legal entity or person who is taking the contractual commitment towards GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, independent if he/she registers for him/herself as Participant or (a) third part(y)(ies) as Participant(s).

1.3. Participant: Any person registered to actually attend an Event.

The Registrant and the Participant can be one and the same, in case the Registrant intends to participate in the Event him/herself.

1.4. Annual Meeting: An annual congress GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® organizes with the aim of providing a forum for the exchange and discussion of new clinical and scientific ideas. This congress normally takes place in June or July of each year, possibly in a different venue in Europe. The Annual Meeting consists of three major components: (i) a scientific programme, with scientific sessions held in session rooms; (ii) a commercial exhibition in an exhibit hall and (iii) a social programme.


2. Applicability of terms and conditions


2.1. All transactions concluded between GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® and the Registrant in the context of a registration for an Event and the actual participation in an Event by a Participant, shall be governed by (in hierarchical descending order):

i. the written Confirmation of Registration (as described in articles 4.1 and 4.5), issued by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®;

ii. the completed Request for Registration (as described in articles 4.1 and 4.2);

iii. the specific GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® instructions applicable to the participation in an Event;

iv. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®’s invitation to an Event;

v. these terms and conditions;

vi. the official GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® website;

vii. Belgian law.


2.2. By submitting a Request for Registration (as described in article 4.1) for an Event and by accepting these terms and conditions, the Registrant acknowledges to have read and understood these terms and conditions, and to accept these. These terms and conditions shall always take precedence over those of the Registrant, even if the latter state to be the only valid terms.

In case the Registrant registers (a) third part(y)(ies) as Participant(s) to the Event, the Registrant must inform the Participant - for whom the registration

has been completed - of all rules and regulations, which are part of the legal framework that govern the relationship with GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® and to which reference is made in these terms and conditions. Thus, it is the Registrant’s sole responsibility to ensure that the Participant adheres to such rules and regulations.


2.3. The invalidity of one or more provisions of these terms and conditions or any part thereof shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the other clauses and/or the remainder of the provision in question. In case of invalidity, parties shall negotiate to replace the invalid provision by an equivalent provision in accordance with the spirit of these terms and conditions. If parties do not reach an agreement, then the competent court may mitigate the invalid provision to what is (legally) permitted.


2.4. The (repeated) failure by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® to exercise any right may only be construed as the toleration of a particular situation and shall not give rise to a forfeiture of rights.


3. Eligibility to Events

All Participants to an Event: Must be over the age of 18;


4. Registration procedure

4.1. The online registration procedure for Events takes place as follows:

i. “Request for Registration” by the Registrant, through submitting a fully completed online registration form on the GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® website;

ii. “Confirmation of Registration”: acceptance of the Request for Registration by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, following full payment of the registration fees.

4.2. Request for Registration

4.2.1 A Request for Registration can only be made online.

4.2.2 for any application for group registration a request must be made by email to contact@lificongress.com

4.3. Confirmation of Receipt

4.3.1 For each properly filled out Request for Registration received by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, a Confirmation of Receipt will be sent to the Registrant within due time.

4.3.2 Such Confirmation is solely a confirmation of receipt of the Request for Registration and does not in any case entail a definitive right to participate.

4.4. Processing of Registration

4.4.1 All Requests for Registration, shall - upon receipt of full payment and proof of status (when requested) - be processed by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® on a first-come, first-serve policy.

4.5. Confirmation of Registration

4.5.1 The right to attend an Event is dependent on a Confirmation of Registration.

In case of a last minute registration, it is possible that the Attendee shall not receive GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS’s® Confirmation of Registration, as this Confirmation shall only be sent upon receipt of payment in full of the registration fee.

4.5.2 Upon acceptance of GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, a Confirmation of Registration shall be sent to the contact person as indicated by the Registrant.

In case of Group Registrations, it is the role and the responsibility of the Registrant to inform each registered Participant of the Confirmation of Registration.

4.5.3 The Confirmation of Registration shall only relate to the Event as indicated, and shall thus not apply to any future or other GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® Event(s).

Whatever is not confirmed in the Confirmation of Registration shall be deemed to be an additional request by the Registrant, and – consequently – will be charged to the Registrant as an additional cost.

4.5.4 GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® cannot be held responsible for double registrations and shall in such case not be obliged to any refund.


5. Registration fee

5.1. All registration fees for Events are in euro, with applicable VAT rate exclude.

5.2. For each Event, specific (categories of) registration fees will apply. Thus, registration fees shall only be valid for the specific Event to which they refer.

5.3. For a detailed enumeration of what is or is not included in the registration fee, please check the GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® website or Event announcements.


6. Payment

6.1. The Registrant is fully responsible for the payment of the registration fee for an Event.

6.2. The Registrant is fully responsible for submitting the accurate and complete invoice data.

6.3. All invoices from GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® are fully payable before the expiry date, as specified on the invoice.

In any event, registration fees must be paid in full prior to the Validation of Registration.

6.4. The following payment procedure shall apply, with the following payment options:

6.4.1 In case of an “Individual Registration”, the Registrant has the following options:

i. Payment by credit card or online payment via the online payment platform. After payment, an invoice shall be provided to the Registrant (as confirmation of the transaction).

ii. Payment by bank transfer (with name and/or registration number), in which case a pro forma invoice shall be provided to the Registrant before payment. After full payment, an invoice shall be provided (as confirmation of the transaction).

In any case, the payment option by bank transfer shall apply whenever payment by credit card or online payment is not successful/refused.

6.4.2 In case of an onsite registration at an Event (Annual Meeting or Precongress Course): the registration fee must be paid immediately in cash, by debit card or by credit card.

6.5. Any other method of payment than the ones duly stated in these terms and conditions will not be accepted.

Any bank charges of whatsoever nature must be borne by the Registrant/Participant.

6.6. Through registration, the Registrant explicitly agrees to the use of electronic invoicing by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.

6.7. A protest of invoice is only valid when done in writing within 15 calendar days after the invoice date, with specification of the invoice date, invoice number and a detailed substantiation of the protest.

6.8. The unconditional payment of the invoice implies the explicit acceptance of the invoice.

Payment in installments shall not be accepted.


7. Admission badges

7.1. Admission badges shall be provided to the Participant at the Event, upon presentation of the Confirmation of Registration.

7.2. Each Participant is imposed to wear his/her personalized admission badge at all time while attending an Event. Only Participants wearing their badge shall be admitted to the Event (taking into account that GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® may be obliged to deny a Participant (full) access to the Event on the grounds of compliance with (local) medical and pharmaceutical regulations).

7.3. The loss (or misplacement) of the badge will consequently lead to the loss of the right of access to the Event.

7.4. The admission badge will mention the family name, first name , the company and the function of the Participant, as well as a barcode (the latter only for the Annual Meeting). Through the barcode, data of the Participant can be accessed through software GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® uses.

7.5. Each admission badge is non-transferable due to its personalized character.

The Registrant and the Participants acknowledge that false certification of individuals, misuse of the personalized admission badges, any method of assisting unauthorized persons to gain access to an Event, or any other inappropriate or unauthorized conduct shall lead to the repossessing by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® of these admission badges of all individuals involved. Moreover, GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® shall have the right to refuse (further) access to the Event and/or to future Events, without GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS’s® obligation to refund any fees.


8. Visa requirements & GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® Invitation letters

8.1. It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to take care of any visa requirements. Participants who require an entry visa must foresee sufficient time for the visa application procedure. Participants should contact the nearest local Embassy or Consulate of the country where the Event will be held to determine the appropriate timing and conditions of the visa application.

8.2. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® shall not carry any costs in relation to visa applications.

8.3. Exceptionally, in case of a visa application rejection, reimbursement of the registration fee will be granted after deduction of an administrative fee of EUR 100, provided that the visa application was filed in due time and provided that a supporting document from the Embassy is submitted to GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® immediately after the rejection. These two conditions are cumulative.

8.4. Accompanying persons (who have no access to an Event) must apply for a tourist visa.

8.5. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® invitation letters are only available after full payment (No invitation letters for "exhibition access").

8.6. In case of an Individual Registration, Participants can download their invitation letter through the online registration system of GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®.

8.7. Every visa application for reason of participation to an GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, may obviously only be used for this purpose. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® will not tolerate or encourage whatsoever abuse of the visa.

8.8. Invitation letters will be sent only for EXECUTIVE FULL ACCESS, ACADEMIC FULL ACCESS and STUDENT FULL ACCESS. (No invitation letters for "exhibition access").

GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® invitation letters are issued exclusively for visa purposes and do not represent any financial or other commitment from GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®.


9. Certificates of attendance

9.1. In case participation to an Event gives rise to the issue of a certificate of attendance, the Participant proves his/her presence by collecting in person the personalized admission badge. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® is not obliged to further verification of the attendance of the Participant.

9.2. After the Event, the certificates of attendance shall be made available for download on the GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® website.


10. Cancellation of Event by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®

10.1. In case of cancellation of an Event, GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® shall fully reimburse the registration fee. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® shall in no event be liable to any refund or compensation of whatsoever other costs (for example travel or accommodation costs, costs for the application of visa) or losses.

10.2. In the event that an GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® Event cannot be held or is postponed due to a situation of force majeure or hardship according to article 19, GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® shall not be liable to any reimbursement of registration fees or other costs or suffered losses.


11. Withdrawal of Confirmation of Registration

11.1. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® is entitled to withdraw a Confirmation of Registration at any time and without legal intervention:

In case of exceptional circumstances which make it impossible to continue any professional relation between GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® and the Registrant or the Participant. Parties agree that the following circumstances should be considered as exceptional circumstances (non-limitative): the Registrant or Participant circulates negative publicity about GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, force majeure or hardship.

11.2. In the event of withdrawal in accordance with article 15.1, the Confirmation of Registration will immediately and automatically be cancelled, without limit or compensation for the Registrant or Participant, without any refund or without any refund or compensation of whatsoever costs or losses, and notwithstanding the right of GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® to compensation of the damages incurred following this cancellation.


12. House rules

12.1. Photographing, audio and film recording during Events will only be allowed upon prior written approval by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®.

12.2. The Registrant and Participants are not allowed to publicize, to distribute promotional materials - including gifts - or to maintain any promotional activities at Events, unless explicitly authorized by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®.

12.3. During an event, all Participants shall follow the directions and instructions of GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®’s members of staff without reservation or hesitation at all times. All Participants shall behave in an appropriate fashion that does not lead to possible damage, danger or annoyance to property or people present at the Event.

12.4. If, in GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS’s® view, these house rules are not respected, GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS shall have the right to:

i. Deny a Participant (further) access to the Event (fully or only for specific part of an Event, temporarily or permanently); blacklist

ii. Blacklist a Participant and deny that Participant access to future Events;

both without any further obligations in respect of covering any expenses, compensation, refunds, or arranging return travel.


13. Liability

13.1. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® shall carry out every Event as advertised and described, and to the best of its ability.

13.2. GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS’s® liability - regardless of the legal cause - is limited to cases of gross negligence and willful misconduct. The liability of GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® extends to slight negligence only if and to the extent that an essential contract duty is breached.

GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® accepts responsibility for actions of GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® staff when carrying out their work during an Event.

13.3. The Registrant and Participant agree that GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® carries no responsibility with regard to:

i. (The content of) information provided by the lecturers during an Event;

ii. (The content of) any promotional/advertising material (in whatsoever manner) provided during or in the framework of an Event by exhibitors, sponsors or any other third;

iii. (The content of) press publications or related press material concerning an GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® Event, published by a third party;

iv. The relationship between the Registrant or Participant with the official housing partners or other service providers, as referred to on the GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® website(s).

13.4. The Registrant and Participant agree that GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, its agents or any of its personnel shall not be liable, in any way, for:

i. Any damage caused directly or indirectly by an act of the Registrant, Participant or a third party, irrespective of whether they are caused by an error or negligence;

ii. Any indirect or consequential damage that might occur following this contractual relationship (such as but not limited to loss of income or damage to third parties);

iii. Damage, loss or destruction of any property of the Participant, including theft, or any injury to the Participant, either during or as a result of an Event or on the way to or from an Event;

iv. Any damage arising from force majeure or hardship, in accordance with the provisions of article 19.

13.5. The Registrant and Participant shall be liable and shall hold harmless and/or indemnify GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, its personnel and any other third party for any damage of whatever nature – including direct, indirect or consequential damage, special or additional, physical and/or moral damage to property and/or immaterial damages – suffered by GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS®, its personnel and/or third parties present at an Event, which is caused by the Registrant or Participant, their personnel, collaborators and/or representatives, regardless of the question whether this damage has been caused by their own negligence, fault or carelessness or by any of their personnel, and without prejudice to any other rights and remedies.

This liability is, in any case, unlimited for personal injuries.

13.6. It is the Participant’s responsibility to take on a personal health/injury and travel insurance.


14. Force majeure & Hardship

14.1. When GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® is being confronted with a situation of force majeure or hardship, GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® may decide to:

i. Temporarily suspend the performance of its obligations;

ii. Revise the rules and regulations, which are part of the legal framework that govern the relationship between GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® and the Registrant/Participant, and to which reference is made in these terms and conditions; or

iii. Terminate the agreement by simple written notification, without GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® being liable for any damages.

14.2. Force majeure or hardship is considered to be: all circumstances (i) that are reasonably unforeseeable at the time the registration was confirmed, (ii) which are unavoidable, and (iii) that create the inability for the parties to carry out its obligations, or that would make the execution of its obligations significantly more difficult than normally anticipated, financially or otherwise, such as, for example, war, strikes, lock-out, diseases, shortage of personnel, organizational conditions, confiscation, political, social or economic boycott, any restrictions imposed by governmental authorities, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, fire, bankruptcy or delays on the part of suppliers/service providers, failure by the Registrant or Participant to provide GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® with the correct and complete information necessary for carrying out the registration in good time, etc.


15. Intellectual Property

15.1. All (training) materials - such as, for example, hand-outs or syllabi, whether in printed or electronic format - presented or handed over during or on the occasion of an Event, shall retain the intellectual property of the authors. In no event, the materials shall be copied or distributed by or via the Registrant, Participant or any other person who is not entitled to do so by the author.

15.2. The GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® websites, the GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® technical documents, the GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® advertising and commercial documents, with the respective content, are the copyrighted property of GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® and/or its subsidiaries or the copyrighted property of parties from whom GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® has licensed such property. It is strictly prohibited to retain, copy, distribute, publish,

or use any portion thereof without GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS’s® written consent.

15.3. The Registrant or Participant shall have no right to use the GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® trademarks and/or trade names, unless explicitly confirmed in writing.


-- Until February 11th 2019: 50% refunded
-- Until March 11th 2019: 30% refunded
-- From March 12th 2019: 0% refunded


17. Jurisdiction & Governing law

Disputes shall fall under the exclusive competence of the courts of the district where GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® has its registered office, unless GLOBAL LIFI CONGRESS® expressly states otherwise.


18. Language

The original language of these terms and conditions is English.